How To Make $150 a Day by Simply Giving Away Free Pizza! Place Your Orders Now!

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Hi, Martin Buckley, here. I’m Redicelander’s partner on this WSO.

In this WSOPizza Card Profits, I will teach you step by step how to earn at least $150 a day producing and selling pizza discount cards in your local area.

You most likely have never heard of or tried this business, before!

I normally sell this for $19, so you are truly getting a WSO, here!

In my simple, easy to understand guide I will walk you through every step, from A to Z, on how to set up apizza discount card business all the way through to cashing in your checks.

You see, most people here are looking for get-rich-quick schemes or magic buttons.

Am I right? 

We all want to learn how to make money in our sleep without doing any work.

To make real money, though, you need to learn how to set up a real, sustainable business.

Let me show you how I pull in $500 checks from offline business owners with no cold calling!

You may have some questions.

  • Can anyone do this?
  • Will there be any investment?
  • I have never heard of this kind of business before, can it really work?

Do not worry, I lay out everything for you about how I make money with my own pizza discount cards business.

  • Anyone can do this, but you have to be someone who is willing to set up a real business. This is the real deal, warriors!
  • There will be a small investment, as this is not a fly-by-night operation. But, if you follow my instructions it will not be more than $100.
  • Yes, it works, because I am still doing it today!
The proof is in…the pizza! I just got this check for an order of pizza discount cards on Sunday, August 21!

I’ve blacked out any personally identifiable information, for privacy reasons.

As you can see, although I have been doing this business for a long time, I still use it today!

It still works, folks! And it will continue to work.

But how about in our current economy which continues to have a gloomy outlook?

No problem!

This business is recession proof because you are helping businesses get more customers and because their customers can save money, too! It’s a win-win!


But you know what is the best part about this business?

Who else do you know of, doing this?

That’s right, you have Virtually No Competition!

In this WSO, you’ll learn:

  • How to start this business for under $100.
  • How to find all the clients you’ll ever need.
  • Where to get 1,000 pizza cards printed for under $50.
  • How to earn $150 or more a day.
  • Seven unique ways to sell pizza cards.
  • Plus, you’ll get sample forms, sales flyers, letters, agreements and pizza discount cards.
  • BONUS: Free and unlimited email support for any questions you have. I want you to succeed and do as well as I am!
  • BONUS: Free lifetime updates to Pizza Card Profits! I will be making this into a full-blown course with even more resources for all buyers. I’ll include videos, more templates, etc.

I’m sure you may be skeptical about this unique opportunity and that’s normal, but with my guidance, I am sure that anyone can make money producing and selling pizza discount cards armed with the information provided in this WSO.

Even if you have no business experience, have never contacted a business owner before, and suck at selling…

“You can do this.”


100% Money Back Guarantee

If after 30 days, you’ve gone through the report and applied my business plan, and haven’t made any money, I will refund your purchase. But please remember the unlimited, free, email support.

So, here are your options.

  • Keep trying and hoping and praying to get traffic to your affiliate sites.
  • Buy WSO after WSO and never actually use any of them.
  • Play the waiting game trying to rank your site on Google.


Step into the real business world and find out how to easily bring in loads of $500 
 checks just for giving people discounts on pizza!